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Download our FiveM mod menu trainer to add an exciting range of features and options to your game. This Mod Menu will add a whole new dimension to your game and give you a much more extensive set of options to choose from.

Take a quick look at what this Trainer includes:

  • Player blips and map blips for a better game overview
  • Notifications for voice chat
  • You can display the player’s name as well as indicate the weapons/health of the player.
  • You can spawn all sorts of weapons and cars.
  • The player can teleport across different locations.

These are just some of the many additional features you’ll get with the Trainer. If you want to experience what next-level GTA V feels like, quit stalling and start your download right here!

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A quick overview of Mod Menu installation

  1. Click on the download button on this page (Download should take place automatically).
  2. Go to your FiveM/ Application Data/ Folder. Create a new folder and name it, ‘Plugins.’
  3. Find the ‘ModMenu.asi’ file and move it to the folder you just created (i.e. ‘Plugins’ folder).
  4. Locate the ‘im-config.xml’ file, and move it to the FiveM/ Application Data/ Folder (Imp: Do not place it in the ‘Plugins’ folder)
  5. Download and install the most recent version of Net Framework (It’s free).
Download mod menu now
GTA 5 online character in FiveM

Why download a Mod Menu/Trainer?

The Mod Menu is becoming a must-have for gamers who enjoy the FiveM mod but still want to take the game to a higher level. The Trainer can add a host of features that will enhance your gaming experience and allow surreal levels of game control.

As mentioned above, some of the popular features include Player Blips, notifications for chat, player indicators, item spawning etc. In addition to all these, there are other features that allow you to participate with much more creativity. If you can view the map, the Trainer will allow you to teleport across different areas.

You can also experiment on the maps by making use of the map-editing option. The Trainer will let you assign invincible attributes to your character so that he becomes impervious to harm or damage. Also, you can use the Mod Menu to control and influence the weather in the city.

How would you like to have guns that project explosives with unlimited ammo? Well, these and many other supplementary features await you when you click the download button.

GTA RP mod menu spawn vehicles

What is a Mod Menu/Trainer for GTA V?

Those of us who are familiar with the FiveM mods should already be aware of what the Mod Menu is. However, for the ones just starting out, it may seem a little confusing for now.

No worries though! When it comes to FiveM servers and mods, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. The Mod Menu is similar to any other computer program because it causes the game to assume certain functionalities. In this case, it greatly enhances the player’s abilities by assigning special powers or equipment to the player.

It’s essentially an add-on that allows players to perform and possess exceptional capabilities and items. These abilities may range from special vehicles to teleportation.

The terms Mod Menu and Trainer are used interchangeably to refer to these programs that can enhance the game. In general understanding, the use of Mods is not regarded as a form of hacking. The reason for this is that they do not require any special coding or programming language to operate. But to enhance these mods, you must be familiar with some primary programming languages (Eg. Java or C++).

Download mod menu now

How does the Mod Menu/Trainer work?

The Mod Menu is a simple yet intelligent piece of program that can modify the behaviour of certain aspects of the game.

To understand how it works, we need to remember that GTA V, like any other game, works though numerous program functions.

The Data Structures of the game hold all of these functions in terms of addresses or values. So when you install the Mod Menu, you’re modifying the way these values and addresses behave. Thereby, those specific functions of the game behave differently than usual (Eg. Your ammo does not run out).

To summarize, the Mod Menu works by modifying the essential functions of the GTA V without tampering with the fundamental structure of the game.

FiveM trainer mod menu bypass LUA

How to install A GTA V Mod Menu

Like any other program, you need to install the Mod Menu correctly for it to have the desired effect. We are all too familiar with how corrupt programs can hassle and disturb your gaming when you’re enjoying it the most.

The FiveM Mod Menu/Trainer is a relatively more accessible and simpler program to install. Nevertheless, we want to make sure that the installation is executed with care and caution so that you don’t face problems later.

To ensure that you get a smooth and problem-free trainer, we want to take you through the installation process. For the more experienced gamers, the quick overview we gave above should suffice. However, if you’re not too sure about how to proceed with the FiveM Trainer installation, read on below to install it the right way.

First things first, make sure you have downloaded and installed FiveM. It is available on the FiveM website, and it won’t cost you a dime. The Mods and Trainers are virtually useless if you do not have the game and FiveM already installed in your system.

You need to have the game and structure ready before you go for enhancements. So take care of that first if you haven’t already.

You have to ensure that the mod you download and use is of the undetected kind. It is not advisable to download any mod that you find from questionable websites. The mods we provide here are safe and secure. The download link provided here will allow you to install an undetected mod instead of the unsafe files you find on other websites. So make sure you get your copy from this page.

There are mostly two main ways of downloading and installing the FiveM Mod Menu. Each of the two is explained in more detail below.

Method 1

This option is considerably more direct and straightforward among the two. You need to start by clicking on the download button on this page and acquire the installation files.

Once the download process is over, go to the FiveM folder in your computer’s storage. Here, you have to locate the FiveM/ Application Data/ folder that will be stored during the FiveM installation. Next, locate the folder named ‘Plugins’ in the storage.

You should see that the Trainer and Mod Menu files are automatically transferred to this folder from your downloads. If the Application Data folder does not have the ‘Plugins’ folder, you need to create one.

Simply create a new folder and rename it as ‘Plugins.’ In this case, you may have to transfer the Trainer files to the newly created folder manually. This is a relatively straightforward process because all you have to do is move the required Trainer files to the destination folder (FiveM/ Application Data/ Plugins).

Once the installation is done, you may have to restart your FiveM server for the changes to kick in. It’s a simple way to install the Mod Menu for FiveM, and it should work equally well for most other FiveM mods as well.

Method 2

This method is also similar to the previous process, except for some additional steps. To start with, make your way to the FiveM website, and identify the mods that you want to try. Once you find them, download the files to your system. The downloaded file should be saved in your computer in the form of Zip file format.

Here is where it deviates slightly from the first method. Once the download is done, go to the FiveM storage location and find the folder named ‘Resources.’ Open the folder and create a new folder within ‘Resources’ to store the Mod files.

The advantage of creating a separate folder is that you know precisely where the mod files are. This comes in handy if you want to modify the contents or delete it altogether. You can name the new folder anything you wish but make sure it’s a word that you can recollect easily. The name of the folder has to be enclosed in brackets. The brackets will remove the need to store the Trainer files in the ‘Resources’ directory.

Next, go to the downloaded files and edit all of the file names so that they begin with the word ‘start,’ followed by a space. For example, if the name of the file was ‘config’ when you downloaded it, it should now read as: start config. You can use almost any document editing program to rename the files. We recommend using Notepad ++ if you have it since it is simple and easy to use.

Finally, you may want to restart your FiveM RP FX server so that the files are processed and loaded into the game. Once this is done, the Trainer should be effectively running when you start the game. That’s it! You’re now ready to enter the famed city of Los Santos where you can explore, create, experiment, and have the best time ever!