FiveM installation guide for PC

Grand Theft Auto V gives you one of the biggest, high-octane, and most exhilarating gaming experiences in the world of action-adventure gaming. And just when we all thought it could not possibly get any better, in came the FiveM mod!

The FiveM mod introduces a whole new world of possibilities to the already incredible world of GTA V. The mod can allow you to defy gravity, be invincible, carry unlimited resources, or even spawn your very own unique items and weapons.

A new dimension of gaming awaits you when you access this unique addition to the GTA V game. But of course, all of these features come with one condition – You have to download and install the FiveM mod correctly. Whether you are a seasoned GTA veteran or a new enthusiast, this guide will ensure that you have the right FiveM mod and the proper installation.

This handy guide will walk you through four super easy steps of downloading and installing the FiveM mod for GTA 5:

Step 1: Deactivate your Antivirus program

Antivirus programs can sometimes contain protocols that can prevent the download and use of the FiveM mod. While we will not get into the technical details of why this is so, just remember that you have to disable the program before downloading FiveM.

Step 2: Get an original and update GTA V

You need to get yourself an original GTA V game and install it on your system. Users who use pirated or fraudulent copies of the game will face problems while using the FiveM mod. Also, if you already own the game, make sure you’ve got the most recent version from the website

Step 3: Get FiveM!

Download the FiveM mod from a reliable and credible source. You can simply go to our downloads page and click on the link to get your FiveM. You probably won’t face any confusion here since the download is relatively straightforward.

Step 4: Install FiveM

The last and most crucial step is the installation. The actual sequence of steps may vary a little depending on the kind of server you use. But they generally follow the same course for most instances. These actions are:

  • Go to the FiveM/ Application Data/ folder and create a new folder. Rename this folder to ‘Plugins.’

Note: You need not create a new folder if the ‘Plugins’ folder already exists.

  • Locate the downloaded files, and move them to the newly created ‘Plugins’ folder. The ‘ModMenu.asi’ file has to be relocated to the ‘Plugins’ folder.
  • Find the ‘Im-config.xml’ file and move it to the FiveM/ Application Data/ folder.

Note: The file has to be stored in the Application Data folder, NOT the ‘Plugins’ folder. 

  • Get the most recent version of the Net Framework if you don’t already have it. Click here to get it now.

Congratulations! FiveM is now installed to work along with your GTA V. You can now log in to your FiveM. You can use the account credentials (Social Club) which you use for GTA Online.

Note: If you use Steam, your account should already be running and active by the time you log in to your FiveM. Alternatively, you can also use your Steam account credentials to log in and access FiveM mod.