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Get ready for the most insane FiveM hosting you have ever experienced! Rent your very own GTA 5 roleplay server with us at Fivem Server Hosting. We offer dedicated, VPS and SSD role-play game hosting from a very cheap price. Check out some of our hosting features below.

  • 10-128 players/slots
  • Full DDoS protection
  • Server locations worldwide
  • Supports Rage MP, GT-MP and FiveM mod

What We Can Offer For Your FiveM Server

With superior processor power, ram-upgrade options, unlimited bandwidth, and DDOS protection, FiveM server hosting does not get any better than this! And the best part is that all of these features are available to you at super affordable rates and the most competitive prices.

Full DDoS Protection

Our FiveM hosting has full DDoS protection with extremely strong security features.

High Speed Network

All our GTA 5 role-play hosting plans come with lightning fast network speeds.

Mod Compatibility

Our hosting plans are all compatible with GT-MP, FiveM, and Rage Multiplayer mod.

Dedicated, VPS & Cloud

We offer FiveM server hosting for dedicated, VPS and cloud server.

Simple User Interface

Simple and easy FiveM hosting dashboard for the best user experience.

Worldwide Locations

We have servers operating in USA, Australia, Germany/Europe and many more places around the world.

Why choose us for your hosting?

With our FiveM hosting services, you and your friends can unleash limitless creativity and ingenuity in the exciting GTA V universe. Yes, we call it a universe because of the endless possibilities it offers. Today, we want to invite you to this fantastic world of exploration, creativity, and adventure by joining our unmatched solutions in FiveM hosting.

There are a whole lot of FiveM hosting services out there who make tall claims, but many of them cannot actually deliver on these promises. This is where we step in.

Our mission is to create the ultimate GTA V experience for our users by providing the most reliable FiveM server hosting. Our infrastructure is built on the latest hardware, reliable power, cutting-edge software, and the most efficient team of professionals.

Our servers will transform the way you see and understand GTA V (Literally!). There are countless customizations to be made, and endless creative ideas to be implemented.


We offer unmatched FiveM FX server features

Our FiveM servers are designed and built to deliver the most reliable GTA V gaming for our customers. These servers are configured to match every single element of the GTA V gaming structure so that you get nothing short of the best!

Built with the most efficient technology, and automated by the latest software, you can expect a prompt and reliable server. We do not use generic server machines as other hosting companies do. Our machines are all custom-built for user-satisfaction and game-efficiency. When you sign up for our FiveM servers, these are just a few of the many features you will get access to:

Comprehensive DDOS Protection

One of our top priorities is the security and safety of your server and connection. The best servers and systems do not count for much if they are not secured and protected against cyber attacks. Vulnerabilities and dangers in the cyber world are evolving at a fast pace, and it requires service providers to also have growing security measures in place. This is why we provide the most up-to-date security features for all our customers.

DDOS (which is short for Distributed Denial Of Service) is one of the most common and widespread security issues that servers experience. This type of attack happens when there are several systems that have been compromised by a trojan or other similar virus. DDOS attacks make use of several computers and multiple connections to try and flood the traffic of the target.

In FiveM hosting, DDOS attacks can cause your dedicated server to become slow and inefficient, resulting from fraudulent permissions. When the server is affected in this manner, your game will start to lag and give performance issues.

Our FiveM servers are all updated with the most comprehensive DDOS protection systems. Our security protocols ensure that these attacks are not just detected but disposed of promptly and quickly. These security protocols aim to make sure that your gaming is not compromised or derailed by online threats and attacks.

With our servers, you can focus on your gaming without having to worry about DDOS attacks and compromises.

Extensive Customization

When you rent a dedicated server, you want as much customization as possible because you’re not on a public server. Customizing options can allow you to add a personal touch and preference to a game’s structure. And this is one of the areas where we strive to provide you with the most options at the least cost.

One of the reasons why the FiveM mod has gained wide popularity is because of the customization choices you get. Our FiveM servers allow you to customize and build an extensive array of options and selections.

When you sign up for our plans, you get access to an exclusive range of customizations that will change the way you experience GTA V. The possibilities in your FiveM server, is only limited to what you can imagine and think of. It’s the perfect place to apply your imagination in the GTA V universe.

The standard GTA V game will only allow you to function around what the Rockstar Games developers have built. Most users complain that the usual game does not allow you to explore and interact with as much freedom as they’d like.

With our FiveM servers, these limitations are all removed, giving you the liberty to mold and define the parameters as you wish. For example, you can spawn all kinds of vehicles, weapons, airplanes, etc. according to your requirements. You can also create and customize missions for you and your friends. All these options give you a new dimension of personalization that is not available in other modes.

Easy-to-use dashboard

As gamers, one of the biggest problems we have experienced in other servers is the complicated dashboards that take too long to figure out. When the panel becomes too complicated, it takes out the fun form any of the games you’re playing.

From its inception, our hosting service has focused on giving customers the most convenient solutions. With this in mind, we have designed our dashboard to be as accessible as possible. With a user-friendly interface and a highly intuitive design, our panel makes it easy for you to navigate and control your server.

The dashboard is a crucial element when it comes to managing your own games and server. It’s the interface through which you control and supervise the different aspects of your game. Given this importance, we have designed our dashboard with the customer in mind. It gives you much more control of the various components of the game and allows you to supervise the game and the players efficiently.

Even for first-timers, the controls are easy to figure out and operate. We’ve made sure that the interface can accommodate both the novice as well as the veteran gamer. The controls and action-buttons are all designed to give the best experience with minimal problems.

Most of the functions are automated so that you don’t have to waste time trying to set up everything on your own. With or dashboard, you can enjoy your game without having to worry about unnecessary glitches and meticulous processes.

Upgrade to RAM of your choice

The FiveM servers come with a lot of additional capabilities and features. Many of these features are not available in the generic GTA v game. This means you may need additional RAM capacity to accommodate these extra features.

The RAM capacity is central to the way your game works and functions. It determines the smoothness with which your game operates on your server.

When you opt for a server that does not give you the required RAM, you’ll experience slower processing and gaming. This is one of the most frustrating experiences when it comes to gaming. Furthermore, if you do not have the option to upgrade your RAM, you’re stuck with your low capacity RAM forever. It limits not just the way you play the current game, but also the choices of games you can play in the future.

Our FiveM servers allow you to customize and configure the GTA V game with a lot of fresh features. These features may consume more memory compared to the regular version of GTA V.

How much memory your game consumes also depends on the kind of customizations and modifications you make to the game. With all the customizing options you get, FiveM can consume more RAM than your regular GTA V game. So, you can get the exact requirement only after you start playing and spawning the different elements of the game.

This is why we offer you multiple packages and selections of RAM capacity. You can upgrade to the required volume of RAM, depending on what your type of game requires. This option gives you much more room to experiment and explore the different components of the game. You get access to a much broader scope of possibilities because you need not worry about a lack of memory later on.

Easy and fast setup

When you rent our FiveM Servers, we want you to start playing as soon as possible. This is the reason why we make the setup process super fast and straightforward. It only takes mere minutes after the payment is made. Once the transaction is successful, you will get access to your own server in absolutely no time at all.

How is this possible, you ask?

Simple; all of the general features of the servers are done through automated processes. The automation is supervised by highly efficient and stable algorithms that get every detail right. This means you do not have to wait for a long duration or go through a hundred clicks for your server to be ready.

All our FiveM servers are configured before delivery so that you receive a service that is ready to use immediately. We do this to ensure that you get a server that is tailor-made for your FiveM gaming. The most significant advantage here is that you do not waste time trying to go through complicated setup procedures just to get your server running.

Once your server is ready, you will want to get the customization immediately. We configure our servers so that it is easy for you to personalize and construct according to your preference

It only takes a few simple clicks on your part, and the customization will take effect without waiting for long. When the installation is done, all you have to do is initiate your FiveM server and start playing. That’s how easy it is!

Better options to choose from

Flexibility and adaptability are at the center of our FiveM hosting services. This is because we design our services based on what you, the customer, needs. We understand that gaming is an experience that is enriched by the variety and diversity of options.

With GTA V too, you want more options not just to customize, but to switch between different forms of the game. This desire for variety is why you chose FiveM hosting in the first place. With our FiveM hosting, you can opt for a dedicated IP address if that is what you want.

With a dedicated IP server, you do not have to identify and remember every individual IP address whenever you have multiple users active. You can also easily switch from one game mode to the other with the click of your mouse.

Owing to the cloud storage, you’ll find that changing from one game mode to another is also pretty straightforward and easy to do. For example, if you want to switch from the multiplayer mode to some other mode, you can shift to another mode with just a few clicks.

FTP service free of cost

Our FiveM servers will provide Files Transfer Protocol (FTP) services at no extra cost or expense. This makes your installation process much simpler and easier to take care of.

The free FTP service is an offer that has kept most of our loyal customers happy, and we intend to keep offering it to all our users. These additional benefits are given to you because we want to ensure that our servers give you the best and most reliable performance.

You can also quickly transfer and send any of the files hosted in your local servers to a dedicated server if you want. Also, one of the best parts about free FTP is that you can conveniently add or remove any additional mods. This gives you an even broader set of options to choose from whenever you want to change some elements of the game.

All of this is possible with mere clicks of your mouse, so you don’t have to waste time figuring out complicated processes of the transfer.

FiveM role playing server list FX

What is FiveM?

In case you were wondering what FiveM really is, here’s a quick rundown. FiveM is a mod (modification) for GTA V (Grand Theft Auto V) which enables you to play on dedicated servers. FiveM is essentially a mod that allows multiplayer capability to the ever-popular GTA V. Since its release in 2013, GTA V has garnered a lot of following. It is easily ranked among the best of the GTA series

GTA V has touched sales numbers of almost 100 million copies all over the world. The game has also earned revenues over six million dollars and still counting. With these numbers, one might be forgiven for thinking that the game could not get any better.

Fortunately for fans, it’s the FiveM role play modification that makes this irresistible game even more exhilarating. With FiveM, you get access to complete modding capabilities. This full modding capability includes server editing, customizing game modes, role playing, weapons, vehicles, buildings, etc. Essentially, your choice and your rules define what is possible and allowed in the game. This opens up your GTA V experience to a whole new world of possibilities.

However, the FiveM mod does not alter the core structure of the GTA V. This is good news to loyal fans who consider the core functionality to be of paramount importance. It does not meddle with the principal structure of the game but adds some exciting features to it.

Role Playing in Grand Theft Auto V

With the FiveM mod, GTA V becomes a role-playing game where you can add or remove additional functionalities and mods to the game. The extra features are enabled through your dedicated FiveM server, which will host the game for you and your friends.

On your dedicated server, the dynamics of the game are limited only by your creativity and imagination. You can create a world for role-playing, deathmatches, racing, or any other structure you can think of. Los Santos (the fictional city of GTA) becomes your universe to create, mould, adapt, and modify as you please.

Gameplay: Best of Both Worlds

As mentioned above, the FiveM mod retains the root elements of the original GTA V. The FiveM mod, however, will allow you to access certain features that are not available in the regular GTA V. The retention of the core elements plus the additional customization options gives you the best of both worlds.

The game is set in the fictional world of Los Santos (modeled largely around Los Angeles) and retains the essential elements of the original GTA V. With the FiveM server, though, you will get to customize missions according to your preference. Also, there are tons of items you can spawn, ranging from weapons to vehicles.

The game will still have Los Santos as a city where you can venture out, roam around, and explore the city. So it gives you the free-roam capabilities even when you are out to accomplish specific missions. You can use various types of transportation or walk around on roads too.

Characters & Avatars

Your character can also use weapons of long-range or engage in close combat with enemies and other characters. These are examples of how the FiveM server gives you an optimum combination of both the original gameplay as well as new features. You get the best of familiarity as well as exciting new possibilities.

The game allows you to choose one of three avatars (also called characters). The three main characters you can choose from are Franklin, Trevor, and Michael. The choice of an avatar really depends on your preference and the kind of character development you want. Since the characters all come with different attributes, you can add variety to your game by trying out each one.

Each of these characters possess a specific combination of skills. These skills, eight in number, can be developed and upgraded as you progress through your missions and objectives. These skills can include exploring, fighting, or even flying!

That’s right, with your own FiveM server, GTA V becomes a whole new experience while retaining its original touch and essence. This unfettered and limitless world awaits you when you sign up for our FiveM server solutions.

So what in the world are you waiting for? Go ahead and get your dedicated server right now!

FiveM’s Multiplayer Mode

The multiplayer option is one of the most distinctive features of the FiveM mod. It is probably the one single feature that gives FiveM that extra dimension of fun and experimentation. Also, the multiplayer mode is not restricted to just a few players.

It can accommodate up to 100 players at a time, which allows you to include not only your friends but other players as well. Your players can play as a team of the same side, or you can match up as opponents. This option allows you to have fun with mutual goals or test your skills against each other.

The games can be one of three types, depending on your mood and preference. The three types are Deathmatch, Objectives Match, or a Racing Match. The Deathmatch is essentially a fight to the death between individual players or between teams.

The Racing match will pitch your racing skills against each other. Racing can be done with different modes of transportation – cars, air, sea, etc. The Objectives-based matches will have specific goals that you need to achieve either individually or as a team. Your objectives can also be custom-made depending on how far you want to explore the modding capabilities of the FiveM servers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Renting FiveM servers sound exciting, but will it cost me a fortune?

First off, we offer the most competitive FiveM server prices in the market. That means our plans are not only economical, but you get value for every dollar you spend.

One of the main reasons we enjoy a loyal base of patrons and users is because of our budget-friendly rates that deliver quality performance. The actual price of the plan will depend on the kind of server configuration you choose. There are several factors and options that will determine your plan.

These factors include additional storage, number of slots, VPS or shared servers, the period of payment, etc. The longer you stick around with our services, the better your deals also get.

We recommend renting our FiveM server for a longer duration if you plan on playing the game longer, and want a good deal. Click here to get a rundown of all our plans and packages.

How reliable are the servers and what’s the downtime?

Our FiveM servers deliver uptimes of 99.9%, which is up there with the best servers that are technologically available today. We maintain these servers with a series of tried and tested processes that guarantee you hassle-free gaming experience.

With this level of uptime guarantee, you can rest assured that your server will always stay online. So, even if your system or computer is not active, your server will still be online and functional.

This means your clan or friends who want to join the server can easily connect to the game even if you are not online.

As the administrator, you will get access to the server through the dashboard at absolutely any time. You do not have to turn on your device or console just to access the server.

So the server will only host GTA V. What if I want to play some other game?

Simple, you just let us know that you want to change to another game, and we’ll make it happen. We understand that our gaming interests can peak and simmer down depending on our moods and preferences. This is why we have made it possible for you to change to other games whenever you want.

As exciting as GTA V is, there is a reasonable amount of time you can play it till you want something else. We get how our users may wish to try Ark or Minecraft every once in a while.

All you have to do is contact us through our customer service, and we will make it happen for you faster than you can say ‘Change my game!’

How many people can play on my server?

We offer anything from 10 to over 100 slots depending on your requirements. FiveM is an exciting mod that is even better when played with friends and teammates.

So the short answer is, ‘Yes, you can.’ But this is subject to the number of slots you rent and the number of players you want. If you rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server), the limit to the number of players will depend on other factors like your CPU (Central Processing Unit), RAM (Random Access Memory), etc.

The long answer is that it depends on the type of package and requirements you choose. The type of features you choose will determine the number of players you can accommodate in your server.

Where do I get my own server for FiveM?

Getting your own server is an easy process when you sign up for our FiveM hosting services. Just click on the type of hosting plan that you prefer, and we’ll get your server ready right away.

It’s a process that is simple, straightforward, and hassle-free. Click here to learn more!

How long do I have to wait for my server to be ready?

Preparing your server is a fast and effortless process that is done in no time. We have experienced other hosting service providers who make you go through a tedious and sluggish process just to get your server started. That is not what we want for you or anyone else. That is why we do our best to initialize your server in as little time as possible.

If you do face any complications during the installation, our technical team will handle it without troubling you.

Do I need the regular GTA V for FiveM hosting?

Yes, you do! As mentioned above, the FiveM is essentially a modification that enhances the GTA V. It is not a stand-alone game by itself. So you need to have the original GTA V installed and functional on your system before you start using the FiveM servers.

The system usually validates your game on an automated basis. In case your copy is not approved automatically, you have to enter the login credentials to get validation. This process is carried out to check if you own a copy of the original Grand Theft Auto V or not.

Can I install FiveM custom scripts?

You sure can! A lot of people think that you’d need technical professionals to install custom scripts for the FiveM mod. This isn’t entirely true because, as gamers, we get introduced to basic computer skills and installation processes.

So, if you are familiar with some basic installation and computer operation skills, you should be able to use custom scripts without hiring professional help.

We have a dedicated article that takes you through the process of installing custom scripts. Feel free to go through it and learn how to install them yourself.

How long should I rent a FiveM server?

The duration for which you should rent your server depends on your requirements and budget. Check out our pricing plans to see the minimum renting period as well as other offers.

You will find that the longer you rent the server, the cheaper your pricing becomes. So, it makes sense to rent your servers for a more extended period if you plan on playing the FiveM mod for some time. This saves you some extra cash and gives you access to better offers.

What does the ‘M’ stand for in FiveM?

The term ‘FiveM’ confuses some people because of its unusual arrangement of letters. We think it’s deviant and edgy in a way. The letter, ‘M’ in FiveM, stands for ‘Modification.’

It’s one of those things that seem obvious only after you understand what it means. Some users are under the impression that the ‘M’ may mean ‘Multiplayer,’ but this is simply not true.